American Bully Dog

The American Bully was developed as a companion dog from breeds that are widely recognized as being among the most human oriented of all dogs. This breed is known for being extremely affectionate, often fawningly so. Although American Bullies have a tough exterior, most of them are complete softies with their families, always eager to snuggle and lay on a lap. Definitely not a one-person dog, breed members have a tendency to form very close bonds with all members of family. This breed has among the best reputations of any dog with children.

American Bullies are incredibly pain tolerant and can handle virtually any amount of rough housing with a waging tail of rolling tongue. This breed is also very bite inhibited and unlikely to snap. Many of these dogs are to be acutely aware that children provide endless amounts of playtime and affection and become their best friend. As is the case with any breed, proper socialization with children is required to achieve the desired temperament.

American Bullies are generally accepting and tolerant of strangers. Human aggression has been seen as highly undesirable in the breeding of both the American Bully and its immediate ancestors for almost two hundred years. With proper training and socialization, this breed will usually be very polite and friendly. Although some dogs are considerably more suspicious, more are openly excited to meet new people and consider everyone a potential friend. Training is a necessity as even though this breed is rarely aggressive, it is so immensely powerful and determined that even the slightest aggression can be a serious problem.

American Bullies do tend to be naturally protective, but in calm way that is more similar to an English Bulldog or Mastiff than a Rottweiler or American Bulldog. This breed can make a tolerable watch dog, but some are more alert than others. American Bullies have been trained as personal protection animals with great success, but this breed is probably not aggressive enough to make a good guard dog (although its appearance alone would likely intimidate wrong doers). This only applies to property not family or friends, and an American Bully would absolutely not tolerate physical harm coming to someone it cared for. When it deems necessary, an American Bully is absolutely fearless no matter the opponent, and one of these dogs defending its family would not be a dog to mess with.



American Bully Dogs are full of love, gratefullness, loyalty and true in their affections.