We are part-time breeders who breed American Bully puppies on a small scale solely for the production of sound, healthy puppies for loving pet homes. Also, a 12 months health guarantee, health certificate, and shots are provided. Our American Bullies are very intelligent and affectionate dogs with a lot of attachment to their breeders.

Our American Bullies are very obedient and hardworking dogs, which love learning constantly. They are very brave and loyal dogs who do not fear anything. They are sociable, friendly, sometimes clownish and even playful. They would do anything to make their owner laugh which makes them great companions and joy givers. They love their sports so if you are an athletic person, our babies are perfect for you. Every dog has its temperament and so does the American Bully but we take special attention in making sure our dogs are well socialized.

American Bully Dogs are full of love, gratefullness, loyalty and true in their affections.