Shirley Smith
Polar American Bullies is the best... everything thing was so smooth from the first time I saw Misty’s picture until the first class delivery. We are crazy about this up. Martina
Mike Hardson
I had been searching for months for an American Bully and after exhausting searches at rescue groups and animal shelters I Polar American Bullies. The service was great and Dexter is an awesome addition to my family. My vet said he’s perfect, and I totally agree!
Sarah albert
Callie my puppy is growing and doing very well. She is 4 months old now. I am paper training her and that is going well (not quite perfect yet). She loves her walks and chasing leaves. I walk with a cane so I am teaching her to walk on my left. She is very bright and catches on very quickly. She loves all her toys and loves to snuggle .
kevin martin
Using Polar American Bullies was easy and we were able to identify the best puppy for us. Mr. Godwill was very helpful, answered our questions, and was a treat to speak with. Can't believe we were able to bring our sweet boy home so quickly!
christine eve
Polar American Bullies is an excellent place to purchase a puppy. This is a trustworthy site that I highly recommend. Everyone that I have spoken to here are very helpful and knowledgeable. They will answer any questions that you have and rest assured, you are getting the very best new addition to your family. They also make sure that you will be the best parent as well by screening you to make sure you and your home is the best place for the puppy. Be ready to spent top dollars because the cost of your new dog will not be cheap but it will be a great investment!
Jason Becker
Had a great experience. Love our puppy who arrived healthy and adorable. Communication was a bit lacking, but we got through it. Would recommend.

American Bully Dogs are full of love, gratefullness, loyalty and true in their affections.